A New Way Of Teaching Is Coming To Our Schools. Maybe We Should Check It Out.

There’s this thing that K-12 schools around the United States are starting to do, and it’s called the Common Core State Standards. Have you heard of it? Is it OK, or not OK?

We’re gonna be honest with you: We don’t really know the answer. But we do know we want to hear from you. Check out this backgrounder and tell us what you think (or don’t really think) below, pretty please?

This slideshow comes from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, obviously a big proponent of the Common Core standards. You can find out more about them on the Common Core site. And you can see why some people love the idea, why some don’t, and why some agree with Common Core but not the implementation of it. I also found this crash course from NPR to be pretty helpful in understanding what's going on because dang, it's pretty confusing.

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