Popup Frontend Submission


Let your visitors submit content

Popup Frontend Submission makes it easy to display a public post-submission form virtually anywhere on your site. Create your own custom call to action submit button to display the submission form in any post or page. Visitors may then use the form to submit posts to your site. Depending on your preferences, user-submitted posts may include the following input fields:

for logged in users:

  • Post Title
  • Post Category
  • Post Content
  • Image upload(s)

for guest users:

  • Author Name
  • Author email address
  • Post Title
  • Post Category
  • Post Content
  • Image(hosted externally for security reasons)
  • Simple maths equation

Here are some examples of how the Popup frontend plugin could be used:

  • Public Submit a tip
  • Simple Submit News form with post, title & author
  • Use as an Image Uploader, maybe with tags, title or whatever

Once a user has submitted a post, it’s saved as a “Draft” by default, but may optionally be set to “Publish Immediately”.


  • Let visitors submit posts from anywhere on your site
  • Displays your call to attention button anywhere on your site
  • Captcha and hidden field to stop spam
  • Post submissions may include title,  category, author, post and image(s)
  • Attention note section to inform users of your special requirement.
  • 100% responsiveness
  • Custom call to attention button
  • Popup submit field which is proven to increase conversation
  • Inherits CSS styling of your current theme!
  • Unlimited button placement

Post Management

  • Custom-fields saved with each post: name, email address
  • Set submitted posts to any status: Draft, Publish
  • Includes template tags for easy display of post attachments and images
Image ( sample )